Saturday, May 3, 2008


I still haven't heard from Scrappy Girl...the winner of the blog candy--

Maybe she missed the post so I"m going to give her a few more days to contact me, via email OR a post to this blog. I go back to work Sunday night (Sun-Tues) so Wed morning when I come home I'll check my email and if I haven't heard from her I'll draw a another name.

I'm not sure if I'll get anything done today..........I SHOULD. Our son has a birthday party tomorrow afternoon for a little girl who's a family friend really so I am hoping to make her up a birthday card. Nikki has a friend who has a birthday too so I was hoping to use Mish's idea (MishMash) for a giftcard pack (I just bought some of the plastic card boxes from PaperTrey not too long ago) to go along with a giftcard. But we'll see. I worked Wed/Thur night-spent the day with my BFF yesterday so OF COURSE my house is a MESS. Ya just can't leave a man and 2 kids without any 'womanly' supervision for so many days and NOT expect a mess!! UGH! It's ALL good. They're worth the mess!!! :)
SO, visit back soon and hopefully I'll have something cute or fun or SOMETHING posted.
Enjoy your weekend!! I hope it's warm and SUNNY where YOU are!

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