Monday, May 19, 2008

ALL Praise and Glory to God!!!!

I passed my RN NCLEX!!!!
ALL Praise and Glory to God-because it's only with Him and through Him that I was able to accomplish this goal.
I am SO incredibly relieved.

Minimal creating for me these last 5 days off. UGH!
I DO have a card but I haven't taken a picture of it yet so maybe tomorrow I'll get to it?! I DID make up a little scrapbook too--from a kit--as a gift BUT, again, no pics. Sorry. I found them at TJ Maxx for $5 (regularly $30-hello!? WHY DIDN"T I buy them ALL???? Good question because they are SO darned cute!!!) I guess I'm going to have to put in a call to my mom and have her run to HER TJ Maxx to see if there are any there. I just KNEW I should have bought them ALL but NO!!! I thought, 'what do I need them all for?' Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!! I WISH we had a TJ Maxx close by---but NO! The closest one is THREE HOURS AWAY!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!
Joe is about 1/2 done with the flooring in my new 'studio'. It is coming along quite well. I can't WAIT for it to be done. There is SO much work that needs to be done up there though. UGH. LOTS of stuff to be 'gone through'. BUT, I have a BUNCH of books to get rid of now--teeheehee!
It's back to work for me tomorrow night---geesh--5 days really DOES fly by!! So, I guess I won't be 'creating' again until MAYBE Friday or Saturday if I'm lucky.
So until next time.........
...Happy Stampin' OR Scrappin' OR BOTH!!!!! :)


Courtney Fowler said...

Oh yay, yay, yay! I am so excited for you! Those tests are HORRIBLE!

stampinsilvia said...

Ohhh HORAY! Isn't God great! Congrats on it's onto bigger and better things for you! Hope you get a chance to create something soon!

Elaine said...

Congrats! SS i figured out who you were incase you missed the email!! :) Elaine the OTHER Queen