Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... became a butterfly.
I SO LOVE this saying!! And it's kind of how I've felt lately.
Yesterday was my birthday. (27 and holding) And I was reminded of how TRULY BLESSED I am.
For starters, first thing in the morning I was wished a Happy Birthday (it was on the calendar at work). I got home, fell asleep, and when I woke up my husband had some of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL roses,

a sign (Always and Forever, Always kiss me goodnight). How sweet---
My friend Sandra sent along with Joe a tin of peanut butter fudge (Bella's) and some taffy.....for my sweet tooth--- Thanks Sandra!!! :)

Then, one of Nikki's friend's, Lazaro, who's also become a dear family friend, came by with these:

FOR ME!!! They are SO beautiful!!! I don't know what kind of rose they are but they are gorgeous. They almost look like paper.

Then later on his sisters came by with some homemade SCRUMTIOUS chicken tamales. OH MY GOODNESS were they EVER good. The worst part?? I only got 4!! NO KIDDING I think I could have eatten 2 dozen by myself---alright, well, maybe not in ONE sitting but............OH! They were SO yummy!!!!!
I got ready for work, left and happened to check my cell phone........There was the SWEETEST Birthday message from one of my dear and special friend. That just made my day!! Put a BIG 'OL smile on my face!!!
I got to work, went to report and there was a 'Happy Birthday Stacey' cake from Jamie!!! (Chocolate with raspberry filling and WHIPPED CREAM frosting....Mmmmmm .....coming out of report I was greeted by my sweet, sweet friend Sonia and

<<< Salvador singing

Happy Birthday to me and Salvador had these for ME!!!

As if that wasn't SWEET ENOUGH, when I asked him about the flowers he told me he picked them ALL HIMSELF out of his mom's flower garden!!!

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
THEN, not too long later Sonia asks me to go with her........I'm wondering....what's wrong??? She leads me to the nurse's station where they had gifts for me!!! HOW SWEET is that?! Aileen got me a gift card to JC Penney, and Sonia got me some pretty rhinestone hair clips, a watch, a pink rose and from Anthony (her son) a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Pepsi (my favorite soda) with 4 packages of peanut M&M's (my favorite candy)!!!!
It was SUCH a WONDERFUL day!! Birthday's are usually 'just another day' but not THIS year!!! I felt SO special and SO LOVED!
I am truly BLESSED!!
Even a few of my patients wished me a happy birthday. Awwwwww. I felt so special!!!!!
Well, that's all for today........
It's back to work for me tonight!!!
Sweet Dreams!


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