Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No time to create

There's just TOO much going on!!
I think I may just take a break until school's back in!!
Slowly my 'studio' is being moved but when I say slowly I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y!! It's all good though.....
Joe and I DID go for a ride yesterday with Sammo just to go.....AND to take some pics. Joe was not in as patient a mood as I was but I got some cool pics.....
Let me share:

This is the Lutheran Church up in Havillah. Nikki made her Confirmation here. I just LOVE this church.
It was beginning to be a little stormy while we were up there--as you can see in the background--all that dark sky but I think it kind of made for a cool pic.
I like this picture with the street sign and the field in the background....
I forget what Joe called these blue birds.....but they were all over the place. It was hard to get a GOOD picture of them......I think the radio from the car was spooking them and by the time I figured it out they were all gone. They sure are pretty though. Next time I go up there I'm going to just sit and wait in the car until they come closer and then get some pictures of them.
And THIS is the BEST picture of ALL!! :)
My little man. Look at that ear. UGH!
I think I might just have to frame this one! I love the close up pics I get of him. :)
Well, back to work for me tonight and tomorrow and then off for a few. Phew!! I'm sure looking forward to them! I'm HOPING to get some GOOD work done in my 'studio'. Maybe I'll even post some pics?? We'll see how it goes--right now it's a HUGE mess--huh Katrina?!
That's all for today. Enjoy your week!

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