Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My boys.....

We JUST HAD FUN yesterday!! Didn't really do MUCH, just hung out and enjoyed the day. The day FLEW by!!! I guess that goes to PROVE we had fun. 'Cuz the ONLY times when time FLIES by is when you ARE having FUN!!
Mid-day, when it was warmest of course, we all decided to go play some Wii games..
Look at MY Guitar Hero's:

OH MY GOSH! What a cutie huh?! He just melts my heart!!!

Joe cut his hair. He was gonna 'shave 'im bald' but he decided against it.

I don't know WHY they always want all the blinds closed while they play? Maybe it's easier to see without all the light???



Can you see those huge tonsils??

And those ears......

And adopted son! :)

I don't know HOW they can play like this. I have a hard enough time upright and straight!!!
These 2 AMAZE me at HOW fast they can play. I'm still trying to perfect Easy!!!
Then, all of a sudden, while we were playing, we heard 'Jaz', our German Shorthair/Lab mix, going crazy. Joe asked Sammo to check and see what she was barking at and this is what he saw!!!

Joe scared him off but WHAT was he doing over here?!?!
Lookin' for some 'eats' I guess........
And there's my other 'boy' (man!). He looks SUPER tired here doesn't he?!
He had worked all night it's true BUT he ALWAYS has time for a little Wii Sports!! LOL. I'd whooped both he and Samuel the night before at bowling so YOU KNOW he had to prove to himself AND of course the rest of us, that, he IS the man!! LOL. He wooped me. - I was just having a bad bowling day--it's all good 'cuz it was ALL FUN!!!
And here's a close up of Sammo's eye. Teeheehee.
Eye's, like this, freak Nikki out......
But Sammo thought it was SUPER cool. Each time he see's it he says, "WOW! Look at how long my eyelashes are!!" He DOES have long eyelashes....just like his Daddy!!
Just not fair!! lol.
I'm back to work tonight so that means Joe will be off for the next few...I wonder what kind of FUN those boys will 'cook up'?!

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Anonymous said...

sure like your photos. what kind of camera do you have? I'm thinking of getting a new one.