Sunday, July 13, 2008


Samuel just came in with these beauties....Mmmmm FRESH raspberries!! Gotta love that!! I have a cheesecake--Joe's birthday was yesterday--and guess what's going to go PERFECTLY over that cheesecake?? YOU KNOW IT!! These very raspberries!!
We were given a bunch of thornless, seedless blackberry starts a few years ago and Sammo and Joe say there are quite a few berries on them this year. YIPPEE!! Sammo says they're still a little green so they're not quite ready but I'm patiently awaiting...........
Fresh of THE BEST things about Summer!!
On a not so happy note.......
Have you, or do you have a CLOSE friend who you'd even call your BEST FRIEND, that you moved away from....or they from you? And even though you shared MANY years with that person and their family and they know you like a book and visa versa, you don't talk nearly as much as you'd like? BUT when you DO talk you pick up just like no time passed? Well, that is my friend D'Tri. She has lived in Hawaii for almost as long as we've lived here in North Central Washington. We FIRST met in San Diego when Joe was in the Navy and Nikki was only a few months old. We left for about 8 months and then found ourselves right back in San Diego. Our friendship grew even closer and we were pretty inseperable. She loved and cared for Nikki like she was her own and I did the same with Nene and then later Billy. She and her family hold a special, special place in my heart and they ALWAYS will. It's just like that. Well, I got an email from her daughter, Nene-who, by the way JUST GRADUATED this year!!! telling me her Grandma 'Bessie' was sick. I called immediately called 'D'. She had to call me back because as I called they were taking her mom off life support.
This was all so sudden. Noone had any idea Bessie was even sick.
Bessie was an AMAZING, God fearing woman. There is NO DOUBT in my mind where she is RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.
I just ask for your prayers at this time for my friend and her family-for safe travels but also that they would feel God's embrace, love and comfort at this time.
Thank You.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words about my blog, I have fun with it but it does take some time!

I love raspberries, they are my absolute favorite next to dark chocolate. even better together!

thanks for the tag...I'll see what I can do.

Rachele Funk said...

Big hugs to you!