Wednesday, July 30, 2008

River fun.......

The boy's and I went down to the garden this morning to pick some squash. While we were down there, Salvador asked if we could go 'swimming'. Most anyone who knows me knows what I think of rivers, lakes and the such......they're big potties for animals, and who or whatever else comes along.....yuck. Granted, pretty to look at sometimes but not what I want to soak MY body in. Anyways, I told them, yes I would stay down there with them if they wanted to splash around in the water. One thing led to another and the boys ended up crossing over to 'the island'. They had SO much FUN and I had SO MUCH FUN watching them and snapping pictures.
Let me share:
Here's Salvador. He ventured out to the island by himself first.
For those of you who don't know him......
Salvador started out as being one of Nikki's friends.......LONG STORY--too long for this post. Anyways, he is one of the kids who's really become a part of our family. He has spent quite a bit of time over here this summer and we enjoy having him around. Samuel LOVES it when he's here and Salvador takes such good care of him. Salvador says, 'Samuel is the younger brother I never had.' We are very blessed to have him in our lives.

Anyways--- Here he is......Grrrrrr! He did it!!! Lemme tell you, it was no easy feet getting up there!!

Once he saw what it was all about, this was the FIRST time he'd been been out to the island, he came back for Sammo. You can see the water isn't real deep in this area, yet still he took Sammo's hand.

I just thought that was so sweet!

It REALLY can be tricky getting up different sides. It's ALL sand in this area so as soon as you get somewhere you fall back down!! Samuel tried a few times and then Salvador gave him a boost.


The HAPPY DANCE of sweet success!!!

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.....

...this kid CRACKS ME UP!!!! LOL

After the happy dance.........

I just thought these shots were such 'boy' shots.

I just like them..

Running, dirty, just yells BOY to me!

Salvador finally made it up, he didn't have anyone to lift him up!!! :) And they shared a 'boy' moment!!

These two are a crack up!!!

Well, they disappeared for a while and I just busied myself with pictures of all that was around me......after a while I called for them and before I knew it here they came.....

They found a big stick, of many I am sure, and twisted it into the sand, 'marking their territory'.

I told them I was ready to go back up to the house so they decided to come.

A Samuel thing...........

He says its his 'man hair'. UGH!

I guess it's the same as when the little girls try to 'make boobs' with their know, when you flip it over and THINK it looks like you have boobies. LOL-the things kids do.......

And here he made a bear print with his hand. I thought it was pretty cute!!

After we were done down by the river we came up and they got changed. Samuel looked so darned cute so I asked him to come to the 'sitting tree' to take some pictures....

He told me about a sliver he had in his foot earlier in the day. I told him his dad was going to have to take it out and he got all upset because it hurts ya know! So I told him maybe he could try soaking in the tub first. While we were walking to the sitting tree he mentioned his sliver...wondering if it was still he is looking.........'Nope! It's gone.' Great right?? So what is Samuel's take on this discover??? 'Oh Great! I guess I don't have to take a bath now!' BOYS!!!!!!

Here he is swinging on the tree swing........

The kids love these little tree swings. When I was back at my moms a few years ago when she was so sick I picked them up at The Christmas Tree Shoppes. I LOVE that store!!!!

They were ONLY a couple of bucks each and the kids have had MORE fun on them!!!

They make for good pictures too!! :)

Are you tired yet of all my pictures?? Trust me when I tell you this is FAR from ALL of todays pictures!! As a matter of fact, I took OVER 300!!

I thought I was done too but I'm not...........just a few more...

These are for Nikki.......
She's still in Tx.
I told her I took some pictures of her kitty and she asked if I'd post them so she could see.
So, here they are Nickles...

And one more pic of another one of my blooming lillies!!

These seem to be a little darker pink than the others.

Well, that's all for now.......I've got some 'business' to take care of.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!! I'm back to work tonight for 3!!!


Anonymous said...

that was alot of fun...i like your pictures. my boys have been over to the island too! but I have not pictures darn!

Elaine said...

Hey Other Queen...I think I enjoyed that almost as much as you did!!! Having you-- I totally get that- I LOVE how they just let loose and have fun! Made me tear up even seeing how much fun they have --these are the days that we will do anything to have back in 10 years!!!!!!!!! Oh lordy I'm having a hard time w/ mine turning 13!!!!!!!! Lord help me!
elaine-the OTHER Queenie!