Monday, July 14, 2008

My Stargazers are FINALLY blooming!!

Isn't it pretty?? There are a TON of blooms this year......I'm just awaitin' for them to ALL bloom!!!
I really have to reorganize that bed--but I don't want to do it until they've all bloomed. Actually I have a few beds I'm going to re-do. I've gotten quite a few new flowers and plants from friends and neighbors this year so I'm kind of excited to get things prettied up!! :)
Oh, you can be SURE I'll shoot some pictures! Of course I guess it won't look like much with no blooms.........Next Spring!! :)
Now you KNOW I had to click some pics of my little clown. This kid just cracks me up!! I can't even begin to describe the pure JOY he's brought me!!

He LOVES riding that darned scooter and riding both HIS bike and his sister's bike!! ALL BOY!!
Of course my Nickles is STILL in Texas. But not for TOO much longer!!! About 3 more short weeks 'till she'll be back home!! Yahoo!! I SO can't wait to see her!!
Thing is........she 'found a boy'-surprise, she's not quite as excited about returning as we are.
And get this........HE let HER cut HIS hair today. Now, THAT my friends is LOVE. LOLOL!!!! (just kidding, just kidding!)
She's posting some pictures on her facebook so we can see.....
Now, don't go getting all excited or anything. The boy is the son of one of Joe's school friends and his mom's mom actually used to take care of Joe. So he's not a complete stranger.
Alright. I think that's enough for tonight.
I'm headed down to play some Wii games with the boys. They're SO addicted to those games. Geesh. -I must admit though....I DO like Guitar Hero III and is alright too!!
Until next time.........

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