Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Little 'bin'

I was TRYING to make a little 'bin' like this for a project......
While shopping yesterday, looking for JUST THE RIGHT pattern, I happened upon a quilting magazine that just so happened to HAVE what I was looking for. Only thing was.........IN THE BOOK was the pattern for the LARGE bin only, NOT the small, that I was interested in. I found, in the article that the pattern for the small bin was available ONLINE. WOOT WOOT!!! Do you know what THAT meant??? I didn't NOW have to spend the $6.95 on the magazine!!!
I printed off the pattern this morning and I was IN BUSINESS!!!
I had picked up some fat quarters for my SAMPLE RUN.....The 'scalloped' edge really went with the MEDIUM bin but I thought I'd give it a whirl anyways. I don't think.......NO, I'm pretty SURE I won't be doing the scalloped edge on the 'REAL' bins!
Regardless......THIS is my 'sample run' little bin.
It's cute, I think. The nice thing about the trial run is you can improve on the others right??? The only thing, aside from my poor, sad, scallops, that I'd like to change is I don't like how the seam is showing when you flip over the top. I THINK I have an idea of how to remedy that problem BUT if you have any suggestions..........please feel free to share in a comment.
NOW, as much as I'd LOVE to continue 'playing' and creating........I need to go figure out WHAT I'm going to wear to the Clinic Party tonight!!! Now THAT is a CHORE! :)
Happy Saturday ALL!

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