Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scrapbook for Liliana Rochele

My friend Sandra has a beautiful daughter named Danielle......and Danielle is getting ready to have her FIRST baby!! A baby GIRL!!We've already done the shower thing BUT I wanted to make her up a book to get her started with recording memories of sweet 'lil Liliana as SOON as she gets here.
The book wasn't QUITE ready at shower time, actually I didn't even HAVE the RIGHT book at shower time.......just the pages.... AND although I THOUGHT I'd add more embellishments............I decided not to. Weird huh?
This is the FIRST page
For whatever reason I've been having serious issues uploading pictures and getting them where I WANT them. So, after this's anyone's guess WHERE in the book these pages are really located BUT the nice thing is that she can rearrange the pages HOW EVER she likes anyways. They are ALL, except for the first and last, two page layouts.

As you can see they are VERY SIMPLE pages.

This is the LAST page.

Now to get it mailed off to her!
Thanks for looking!

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mE said...

This is DARRRRRLING!!!! I love this and she will love it, too :)