Saturday, January 30, 2010's true

I've been BIT by the sewing bug!
I started with my 'table topper' but I've decided to make mine into a table runner......2 blocks by 4 instead. I just bought the fabric for the border, backing and binding so I hope to get going on that again.........mmmmm.......sometime next week.
In the meantime I've been working on these other table runners.....'Erin's Easy Peasy Table Runners'. My DEAR, SWEET friend Erin shared this with me. And they ARE EASY PEASY!!!! They take about 15 minutes to complete. I don't have a picture of the first one but this is the second one I've done:

And has black backing and a black border all the way around. It's kind of hard to see being it's on a black chair.
and the third::

THIS ONE I decided to add a little to. Making it not quite as QUICK to complete but I have SO MANY buttons I figured I'd add some.
Good idea?
Maybe, maybe not but it's done!
GINORMOUS THANKS to ERIN for sharing with me! You ROCK! :)
And THIS.........
well........I started by sewing strips of fabric together....then cut them and sewed them into wasn't QUITE what I had in mind for this particular project so...........I picked up a zipper yesterday and I'm going to TRY to put a zipper in the top and make it into a little bag. I AM 'THE BAGLADY'...can NEVER have enough bags as far as I'm concerned!! :) Soooooooo.......we'll see how it turns out!

You WILL notice not ALL of my corners match up very nicely. I'm working on it! LOL This bag will be for me though and I don't too much care! LOL

Hope to have more to share soon..........

See you next visit! Have a Happy Weekend!


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Elaine said...

OOOOOO mg.... they are so cute. Erin does rock...of course. But you pulled these off beautifully. PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE buttons. :)