Monday, February 18, 2008

Hang in there Changito

Here's a quick card I made up with some of the Stampendous 'Changito the monkey' stamps I was talking about in my earlier post. I was SO anxious to use this stamp because I KNEW I had this paper........OLD CTMH..and I knew it would work. The bigger, green, banana leaves are on pop dots.
I had a friend in mind to send this to but it's a little masculine looking to me. Don't 'cha think?? So now I'm thinking maybe I'll send it on over to my dad. He's still recovering from his double knee replacements but let me tell you--he's doing GREAT!! He was a little discouraged there for a while--(he sets SUPER high expectations for himself-guess that's where I get it?!) Anyways he's doing real well now. He even snow plowed for like 8 hours the other day and is now driving himself to PT. He's also lost 25 pounds!! GO DAD!! I'm SO proud of him!
I guess I'll have to just make ANOTHER card for that friend! Oh Darn!! {smile}
I REALLY need to clean up this 'scrap room'. Katrina and I have a 'play date' on Wednesday and if we're going to be here I'm going to need to have a place for her to sit/stamp and play!!!
Just one more card.................................

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Aura said...

Its great to see you back. I love your monkey cards and I guess we are just too much alike because I just bought that set as well. I couldn't resist. I will have to pull that out next. Yes I have been turning out the cards. It is amazing how much time I spent studying. My house is organized and spotless, my laundry is done and folded (that always was my weakness) and I am loving making well....a few cards a night. YEAH!! I am loving my internship and well things are going great. Greatest of luck on your test, you will do great. Use the card time as therapy, it is what kept me sane. On big study days I would say ok here is my schedule. 1 hour study 1 hr. cards, 1hr study, 1hr dog time, 1hr study, 1hr house cleaning, 1hr study, 1hr workout, 1 hr study, then I would eat some chocolate, glare at my books and wounder why I was doing that to myself but has so paid off.