Monday, February 18, 2008

It's been a while.....

WOW! It sure has been a while since I've posted. Yikes!
I've just been busy I guess......
I didn't have time to take ANY pics of the kids Valentine's. They were cute-simple but cute. I was pleasantly surprised with how they came out AND that they didn't take TOO much time to complete.
For Samuel I just did cellophane bags (SU!) with heart shaped gobstoppers tied with a ribbon and attached the stamped 'Happy Valentine's Day' tag from the Happy Heart Day set-I actually double stamped it on ruby red and cameo coral, used a little fruit punch stickles on the hearts and then punched a heart die on ruby red cardstock using my cuttlebug and did the little to:/ from: on that and threaded it through the ribbon. We stuck a little chocolate lollipop in the top and called it good. I thought they were cute and Sammo was happy so all was well.
As far as Nikki....we just did a few of the chocolate candy sliders for her friends. They are SO cute and SO easy. We did up a little bag of smarties (those BIG Valentine's ones) with a cute tag from the 'For a Friend' set--'wishing you LOVE'. It was cute and again, pretty simple. I KNEW I was going to wish I'd taken pics but eh!
Anyways, my DH TOTALLY surprised me with these beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day:
Not the best picture, I realize,'s the best I've got.
He is SO NOT a flower guy. I can kind of understand...they are 'just flowers and only die anyways' but it makes a girl feel special to get flowers every now and again doesn't it?! He's actually more of get a REAL GOOD gift but it's usually after the fact. I dunno. He just doesn't think of it. I guess I"m sorta like that too. I'd MUCH rather get him something I KNOW he's gonna LOVE, want and use than to just get something for the day and I'm not real good at 'being on time' either. Anyways, he REALLY surprised me this year. I didn't have a clue. The little pink roses are BEAUTIFUL-so dainty and sweet-like thin paper. Ohhh-I just love them!! My house must be warm because they're really beginning to open up. Maybe it's just that type of rose? I dunno-regardless they're STILL beautiful.
I kinda dropped the ball this year myself....I made up little pails for the kids but didn't decorate them much and just filled them with goodies.

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