Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Amber..

Nikki had a birthday party yesterday. I totally forgot about it. YIKES! I sent her out to the party with a jar of candies with a tag tied to it with ribbon and then a little cellophane bag with razzles, tied with ribbon and a tag. A friend had come over to study so I really didn't have the time to put anything else together so I told Nikki to just take that and that I'd work on a frame for her to take to Amber when they went back to school on Tuesday. Well, I worked on the frame this morning and this is what I came up with:
I stuck with the same paper I used for the card. It's actually $$ store paper that I got ions ago. Overall I'm happy with it. It's cute, right???
Those are SU! NEW!! Love & Happiness Rub Ons! Gotta LOVE 'em!!!. I painted the sides of the frame with a pink (making memories) paint and then brushed glitter glue over it for some 'bling'. Well, some of the glitter glue got on the front-no big deal really right? But after looking at it for a second I thought....hmmmmm, I wonder if I just brush some glitter glue over the top. So, I did. I like it.
I'm gonna go get Nikki here in a bit so I'm going to drop it in a gift bag and bring it to Amber now. I'm sure ONE OF THOSE GIRLS got a group picture so maybe she can use it for that??
I just LOVE doing these frames up. I forget I have them sometimes. I bought a TON of them a few years ago at Michaels for $1 each. Couldn't turn down that deal!! They sure have come in handy.

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