Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Would someone out there in 'blogland' please share with me, OR direct me in the right direction, in how to create watermarks?? Please, please, pretty please??? I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Can I do it with that? I played around for a little while with it this morning but just couldn't figure it out so I figured instead of wasting a WHOLE bunch of time TRYING to figure it out and getting frustrated, I would post and ask for help.

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Carolyn King said...

I actually had someone create a watermark for me and dont have the software to place it.

For now, I just use my basic photo editing software and the text tool to write my name in a contrasting color (grey or white) in the corner.

I know Kurtis Admundson did a tutorial on how to create an actual watermark awhile ago....I am sure you can find it on his blog (it is linked on my blog if you need it!)

Hope this helps a little!