Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LOOK what I found!!!

I had to make a run to Wenatchee yesterday...Nikki chipped one of her front teeth so to the Dentist we went...(understand it's 2 hours away).
OH DARN! Means we'll HAVE to do a little shopping while we're there right??
Well, I met up with Aura from Aura of Design (we were classmates through Nursing School--I only wish we'd gotten to know each other better BEFORE we finished school! BUT, better late than never right???) We did a little damage at The Craft Warehouse--but it COULD have been worse right Aura??? Like EITHER of us NEEDED ANY more paper! {smiles} Aura found me another CUTE 'Changito' stamp in the clearance bin- for $4!! I just love that little monkey!
Well, anyone who knows Nikki KNOWS she's going to want to hit the mall before heading home, SO, after a few more stops off to the mall we went....I was really looking for a fingertip towel holder I'd seen on someone's blog. I thought they'd found it at Bed Bath & Beyond. Nope. Couldn't find what I was REALLY looking for. :( BUMMER.
We were getting ready to leave, it was already getting late, for me anyways-it was like 6:30pm or so and I had a 2+ hour drive ahead of me still. I don't too much like driving at night....ALTHOUGH, NOW with my new car it's not quite so bad. ;)
Well, something just told me to run into ROSS. Great! There goes at least another hour right?! I was kinda glad I'd left my cell phone in the car because I just KNEW 'home' would be calling, wondering WHERE we were and WHY hadn't we left yet.
Well, I'm pokin' around and get to the WAY back of the store-while Nikki is filling HER cart with clothes--UGH!!- and what do I find on an end cap???
Well, let me show you:

I was EVER SO excited!! It was JUST what I was looking for!! And GUESS how much?? $5.99!!! I was tickled pink!! Now, I'm thinking I might spray paint it--off white or black...guess it'll just depend on how I'm feeling the day I get to it and what spray paint can I have closest??
Anways, what am I going to use it for??
Well, I have OODLES among OODLES of rub ons. I just can't get enough of them. I've ALWAYS loved them--so check it out--
I bought these little clip things at TCW (The Craft Warehouse) forever ago. They clip, in this case my rub on and then have a little hanging hook at the top. I hung just a few so you can see.......
AND the new SU! rub-ons JUST FIT if you just bend over the plastic celophane at the top.
I tend to be a very out of site, out of mind person, so having these out on my desk now MAY cause me to use them more? PLUS, hopefully it will open up at least one drawer for other goodies!!
We found another little fun something too...(earlier in the day with Aura)
They're called Foil Glitter Flock, Adhesive Rub on Kit by We R Memory Keepers. Has anyone ever heard of them?? They LOOK fun. You rub on the rub on and then rub either the foil, glitter or flock over top of it. If you've tried these before, leave a comment and let me know how you liked them. They were on sale from $10 down to $6.77.
Well, I'm off for some coffee now....
Thanks for stopping by.


beate said...

What a great steal! I need a bigger craft room. LOL

Hilmarose said...

Hey, I just found your blog thru a link...Wenatchee huh? That is where I grew up! I am on the coast now tho.

Aura said...

I love this, such a cute decoration that is so useful!! What a find...