Sunday, August 12, 2007

FUN at the Lake!!!

We went to the lake yesterday (Lake Osooyos)with our friends-Tony and Katrina and their kidlets Luke and Tori. Nikki didn't go as she had a previous lake day engagement with some friends (her loss!! JK-I know she had a good time too--just NOT as good a time as US! teeheehee!)-- so it was just me, Joe and Samuel. We had SUCH a good time!! We had FUN but even more so just really enjoyed spending the day with good friends!! :) We've all been SO busy and haven't really had any time to spend together.
Poor Tori stepped on a bee and was stung (OUCH!) before we went out on the boat. Poor thing.
Joe and Luke were QUITE the clowns out on the tube.

Like Katrina said, "They look like they're playing twister out there." And they did. Little dare devils jumping around, kneeling, posing and being crazy!! :)

Go'in for a little dip to cool off!!

Just LOOK at those purty tootsies!!>

And what a pretty color too!! :)

And of's my little man!
Nikki told me how she liked this picture of Samuel so I just HAD to include it. It was SO nice to hear Nikki actually compliment a picture of HER BROTHER. They fight like cats and dogs most of the time anymore so it really was heart warming to hear her make such a nice comment.
So guess what??? You guessed it! NO creating for me yet AGAIN this weekend! I forfeited my creating time for a WONDERFUL day FULL of fun at the Lake with AWESOME friends. It was worth it! The added bonus?? I now have MORE pictures-errr, I mean memories to scrapbook!
Next weekend is MINE!!!!


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What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!