Friday, August 31, 2007

The kids are BACK TO SCHOOL of Wednesday!! I just haven't had a chance to post the pictures I took--been BUSY!
So I figured I'd just post now.......Gosh how they're GROWING!
Here's our 'Beauty'! It's hard to believe she's already in
8th Grade!
And of course, my little man-Sammo.
Big 2nd Grader this year!
And a nice picture of them together........and BOTH of them are even smiling!
They weren't hitting each other, talking about the other one, teasing, bothering etc, etc.........
Yes! OF COURSE Nikki was MORTIFIED that I would even THINK to take a picture once the bus actually arrived. But I did anyways. She survived and I thought it would make a good scrapbook page. :)


Kristina Lewis said...

Great photos and beautiful kids!! I hope they have a wonderful school year! My daughter who is going into 6th grade likes your daughter's outfit :)!

Sintheeah said...

Nikki u look freaking pretty.

Nenebeans said...

omg whatever!-hubba

Sintheeah said...

im not lying. hey its the first time that i dont say something meen to u, haha bet u didnt even notice that. haha

Jill said...

What beautiful children you have! Of course you needed to take the bus shot--your daughter will understand and forgive you some day. LOL :)