Monday, August 6, 2007

I was blog blocked!

I couldn't believe it! When I went to post the other day there was my notice....that I'd been blocked. I'm unblocked now.
I didn't create ANYTHING this weekend! :( I MAY get a chance to do something this weekend coming-we'll see. I'm going to PLAN on getting the rest of my paperwork for Monday done this week so I'll have free weekend play time. THEN, one more week, one test, my final and I have a MONTH!! YIPPEE!
This summer quarter sure is flying right on by!!
I'll hope to have something to share this weekend.....

1 comment:

Nenebeans said...

oh why did you get blog blocked? haha SUCKA! ok well i think that i am going to start inviting people to my party ok mommy??-NeKoLlAh FlOrEs