Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here's my FIRST Bella. I've wanted this 'Bella' since the first time I saw her. I don't know what or for WHO I'll use this card for but I like it. I need to add a sentiment, I just haven't taken the time to find 'just the right one' yet.
I actually completed this card yesterday but Blogger was having some issues, for me anyways, uploading pictures.
OH! And, as I guess you've already figured out, my honey fixed my camera. IT's a good thing AND a bad thing....good because now I don't need to go get another camera BUT BAD because I was looking forward to getting that little pocket SONY that I saw. We'll see what happens.....heeheehee. Regardless, for now I'm back to snapping pictures!
--YES. I KNOW where Nikki gets it from!! lol
Tell me what you think of the card....too much pink???

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Christa said...

I love this card.....really love it! She is adorable. You can use her when a friend is having a bad day and needs a little boost, this will do it. What are the little pearls? WHo makes them?