Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nikki's Birthday!

This day, April 12, 14 years ago, was one of THE BEST days of my life. Our first born, Nikki, was born. FOURTEEN years ago!! WHERE does the time go??
I sent these flowers to Nikki yesterday-so she got them at school. My friend Sandra (earlier post) made it up. HOW TOTALLY cute is THIS:

She said when it was delivered a bunch of her teachers 'attacked' her because they liked it so much.
It's just as beautiful and special as Nikki! :) -Thanks Sandra. :)

Here's a top view-you can see the fork better...

We don't have anything planned to celebrate her birthday today. I was scheduled to work tonight. Thankfully I was low censused-I've not been feeling 100% the last few days. :( So we're going to plan something with her friends for next weekend (when I'm off) and we'll do a special birthday dinner sometime this week, complete with cake, candles the birthday song and all!!! :) :)
We love you!!!

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Scrappy Girl said...

How cute! Oh, I bet she felt very special. It feels good to be sent something to school/work on your special day.