Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sammo & Jaz

This is our 'little man' and our 'big dog' "Jaz". We've actually had some beautiful weather the last few days and I was lucky enough to snap a few pics. Life has been so busy and the weather so, not so nice....I kind of got away from taking many pics.
Jaz is SUCH a good dog. She's an outside dog-has been since we first got her. She's not THAT big, but a lot bigger than our Yorkie, and sometimes I think Sammo is intimidated by her size. She's not mean at all--on the contrary really--I think she's more likely to lick us and love us to death first!!
She is half Lab half German Shorthair and THE BEST hunting dog Joe's ever had!! She really is SUPER smart and just THE BEST dog!!
It's SO funny to watch our little Yorkie (Fifi) run around the yard after Jaz. I LOVE this time of the year when we just sit out in the yard with the kids and watch, and play..... with the kids and the dogs for FUN!
Our biggest blessings DO come in the simplest of things don't they?!
Enjoy the rest of YOUR Sunday!

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