Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is TwinkleFairy. I got her from Stamping Bella too. Is she THE CUTEST or WHAT?!
I colored her in yesterday and put the card together just now........
ORIGINALLY I was attempting to work with the SC173 sketch but it just wasn't coming together for me so I decided to just go with this.
I've been 'into' pink and purple' the last few days. Weird. Don't get me wrong. I like pink and purple--it just seems that lately that's ALL I gravitate to. I guess I'm feelin' 'girly'. :)

I'd WANTED to start moving my room today BUT that didn't happen. I DID however get my tables cleaned off and organized in THIS room however so THAT was good!!
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!


Jill said...

Love your card! She is just so cute!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Too cute! I too tend to gravitate toward certain colors for awhile, but then all of a sudden I change.