Friday, April 4, 2008

I've been tagged........ Tera at stampqueen
I know this has been floating around in an email, because my daughter sent it to me! I wonder if my answers will be the same???
Anyways, here goes:
#1: Four jobs I've had in my life:
CNA (in high school), Sales Rep (Garden Botanika), Independent Consultant (Home Interiors, Pampered Chef, Close to my Heart and now Stampin' Up!), Nurse
#2: Four movies I'd watch over and over again:
I'm SO NOT the one to re-watch movies but I would and HAVE watched these over and over:
The Notebook, King Kong, Second Hand Lions, A Knights Tale
wow-that was easier than I thought.
#3: Four places I've lived:
Born and raised in Hamden, Ct., Adak, Ak (18 months while in the Navy), Kingsville, Tx (still in the Navy), San Diego, Ca (Navy and husbands job) and currently living in North Central Washington.
#4: Four TV shows I watch:
Hmmmm, lets see.......I don't have time to watch much TV these days.......
SOOO, when I can...
Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model (with my daughter---OK, I like it too!!), Two and a half men (LOVE this one!), Mind of Mencia
#5: Four people who email me regularly:
Nikki, Vic, my Aunt & Regina
#6: Four favorite foods:
ONLY FOUR?! I didn't get like this with ONLY four favorite foods ya'll!
Ice Cream, Seafood, Mexican, Greek, Thai (esp.curry dishes), Italian.....
#7: Four places I'd rather be right now:
In bed-I just got home from work and as MUCH as I'd LOVE to say shopping or anything else...the truth of the matter is RIGHT NOW I just want to be in bed sleeping.
#8: Tag four people:
You know, I started thinking about WHO I would tag....then I thought ya know....half the people are going to wish I hadn't tagged them, then there's going to be those that are going to wonder WHY I didn't tag THEM--So, I decided if you're reading this consider yourself tagged if you feel like participating...just leave a comment or link back so I can learn more about you!! :)
G'night....or 'mornin or whatever it is for you....I'm going to bed!! :)

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