Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My new 'do'

I got my hair cut shorter on Monday. I liked my 'old' style alright, it was just time for a change.

Joe likes my hair longer but to me it's more work. Yes, it sometimes takes a little longer to style it when it's shorter but once it's done, it's done. I don't have to worry, for the most part about it falling down, out etc, etc....PLUS I had a hard time keeping it out of my face sometimes at short I went--for a while anyways. We'll see how I like it.
I Nikki and Salvador JUST took these pics for me. I'm getting ready to leave for work here in a few....I actually got on hoping Vic had sent those pics of Joshua but as I was logging on he called....he's on his way home from the hospital now and won't email them for about 30 minutes. I'll probably be leaving for work by the time he gets to email them so I won't get a chance to see little Joshua until tomorrow morning (frown).
Until next time...


stampqueen said...

Whatcha know - I got my hair cut significantly shorter this week too - but I wasn't brave enough to put a pic of my 'new look' on the blog hee hee.
Just letting you know that I tagged you today - along with some other of us creative Nurse types...:)
Take Care

Jill said...

Your new do is adorable! I'm trying to grow mine out from short right now because I felt the same that it was just time for a change. Anyway--cute, cute!

Belas Creating Place said...

Hi Stacey: the new do is wonderful. I am Bela, I have been contemplating on cutting my long hair and going short again. I do that from time to time LOL>...I like the cut you have. Easy to take care of isn't it?

I like your blog too so I will visit and thanks for posting the b-day cards. good luck..I am picking a winner soon...

Sintheeah said...

OMG! Stacey your hair looks super cute! I like it! :)