Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Pictures......................

I just haven't had, or MADE the time to create lately. Maybe today or tomorrow??

I HAVE been enjoying time with my family though....
My mom and dad left yesterday. It seems like as quickly as they came, they left. We were SO busy with everything that the time just FLEW right by!
SO, since I can't post any 'creations' just quite yet I figured I'd post some more family holiday pics........

This is a picture of my Dad Christmas morning. Just call him 'Santa'!! :)

On the trip over my Mom says he was asking all the little kids what they wanted for Christmas and if they'd been bad or good. Imagine! I wonder if those kids thought they REALLY saw Santa! Heeheehee!

Samuel had SUCH a good time with his Grandpa. He even woke up the night before they left crying. He told Joe he was crying because he was sad because he knew his Grandpa was leaving in the morning. :( He's always had a special connection with my dad.
Here's Joe and Sammo. They were messing around and wrestling-having FUN! It was SO much fun watching them. They're so goofy together.

Here are the boys again....preparing our Christmas turkey. They were SO funny. Look at Sammo's hands on his tummy. They were bragging about how GOOD the turkey smelled. Samuel said, "it smells like Kentuky Fried Chicken!"

It was snowing out as they were cooking so they took to playin' a little too. They just MAKE ME SMILE!

Ahhhh---the end of a LONG day and this little man is POOPED! Here he is just chillin' at the end of the sofa. It wasn't too much longer before this big guy was SOUND asleep.

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