Monday, December 31, 2007

Will you send Mikayla a card??

I was 'blog-surfing' earlier this morning and visited Charmaine's blog ( I just love her work---
anyways-she has posted there about a little 5 year old girl Mikayla who is going to be undergoing 70, yes seventy!!, chemo treatments for a brain tumor. You can, hopefully, read her story by clicking on this link (If ANYONE can teach me HOW to do the whole click 'here' instead of typing out the WHOLE link IN the post....PLEASE DO email me and share huh??) If you would like to join in and send a card, thoughts of encouragement and OF COURSE prayers, the BEST gift of all, please email me for her address--of course you don't need the address for prayers so let me encourage you to send Mikayla and her family a card.
I can't begin to imagine what this family is going through but I DO know what it feels like to get a card in the mail from someone who was 'just thinking of you' AND what it feels like to know someone is praying for me.
Thanks in advance for sharing the love..............
PS: Have a HAPPY and SAFE New Years!!


Aura said...

Hey stacey, What a story about this little one, touching yes. I love the card sending it will touch the entire family I am sure.
Question...I would like to orders some close to my heart stuff but dont have a current item catalog nor do I know where I can order things. Any ideas? are you still a demonstrator? Talk to you soon,

CresceNet said...

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