Saturday, December 8, 2007

I've been SO busy!!

It's been FOREVER that I've had a chance to post. Bad me, bad me!!
I've been pretty busy though......working, finishing school, preceptoring etc, etc.....
Hopefully the busyness of things will slow down just a bit now........
I'm DONE with school!! I still have my RN boards to take of course, but my 2+ hour drive a couple times a week is finally OVER!! Yippee!! -There's a GOOD savings RIGHT there!

We had our class dinner last week. I had such a NICE time. Here are a few pictures from that night. Patrick and his wife are on the left. He's a good egg, that Patrick.....and a fellow ex-Yankee... :) We're both ORIGINALLY from the East Coast. He gave me the SWEETEST card. It just so touched my heart. What a good guy with a heart of pure gold!!

More classmates....Lauren-(you've left me with some pretty good memories too!! When I think 'toast' I just can't HELP but laugh out loud!!)
Kyle, Jaime and Katie.

And here are a few more classmates: Aura, Deanna and Korie- who was also my commuting buddy many 'a days!
I am SO blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this class. What an AWESOME group of people!! As excited and happy as I am to finally be done, I'm sure going to miss seeing everyone every week in class!! Bittersweet.

Thursday night, (Dec 6th) was our pinning.

Here's Joe, Nikki and Samuel pinning me............... -a little blurry I know...but you get the 'jist' of it.
It's very surreal. As much as I KNOW it's over, it just doesn't feel 'REAL' yet.

My mom and dad are coming for Christmas and will be arriving on the 19th. Our poor house is SUCH a mess. Joe and the kids really tried I know, to keep up with things but our house really needs some TLC. So for the next few weeks that's what we'll be busy doing, purging, organizing and addition of course to getting out the Christmas decorations, going Christmas shopping, working etc, etc........
OK, so maybe things WON'T slow down right away!!

Today I have a 'date' with my 7 1/2 year old son so I guess if I'm going to get much done around here, I'd better get moving.
I'll be posting the invite to my 'Graduation Party' here in a bit so check back and see what 'cha think. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!!
Enjoy your Saturday and have a WONDERFUL weekend.
I KNOW I will!!! :)

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Aura said...

Hey girl!! Great picture! How are you doing. Loving the fact that we are out of school I am sure. Your graduation party invites....adorable. Things are great in my neck of the woods. Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy also. See ya!