Friday, December 14, 2007


It was snowing out this morning when I was waiting with the kids for the bus. Nikki pointed out how the snowflakes looked like 'REAL' snowflakes. I checked them out and low and behold.....THEY DO!!
Of COURSE I had to at least TRY to take a few pictures. They're not the BEST pictures but check 'em out:
I don't remember ever seeing SO many REAL snowflakes that actually LOOK like pretty snowflakes. Catch what I'm say'in??
I'm off for the next 2 nights but I DOUBT, greatly, that I'll get a chance to 'create'. Instead I'll be trying to get ready for my mom and dad's arrival. They arrive in Spokane on 19th and will come up this way early the next morning. It's a long trip coming from the East Coast so they tend to spend the night in Spokane and just drive up the next day. Originally we'd planned on going over to meet them and spend the night with them in Spokane, do some shopping etc... but the 19th is the kids' last day of school and they have programs and what not that they REALLY didn't want to miss so chances are we're going to just stay home. I suppose it will give me a few extra hours to get those last minute things done--not to mention sleep a little since I'll be working Sun/Mon/Tues nights.
Ciao for now..........

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Katrina said...

I love these pictures.... What a great capture.... I thought those snowflakes were so perfect that morning too.... Just beautifully formed, glad you got some great shots. Love ya.... Kat