Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Gosh! I haven't posted in a while!! BUSY, BUSY!!
No rest for the weary you know..
I studied with a fellow classmate the greater part of the day today and it looks like we'll be at it again tomorrow. We have a test on Monday.
I WANTED to spend some time in 'my room' today but the books were calling my name-I guess the books were a little louder??
I did actually get a chance to clean my room up a bit-after Korie left. I have a few cards I want to make so I was TRYING to 'get in the mood'. I had a tough time at first but FINALLY got ONE (of the three I want to get done) done. I went to upload them and was pleasantly reminded of some pictures I took the other day. Let me share.........

I've never really been much of a Fall person. Spring has ALWAYS been my ALL TIME FAVORITE season--and I even grew up on the East Coast (Connecticut) where everyone just talks of how BEAUTIFUL Fall is and the changing of the leaves and all........I dunno, it always reminded me of death and dying-cold- where Spring always meant rebirth and renewal to me.........
Well, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or WHAT but I am just LOVING Fall and all the beauty that surrounds me. I took this picture from our back deck. It's looking up the river (Okanogan).

Next, a few pics of my little man!
Now, if he isn't just THE CUTEST guy-I don't know WHO is!!!! :)

I always TRY to get pictures of the kids with this tree and it's leaves before Fall passes. The leaves are just absolutely GORGEOUS to me and the pictures always come out SO nice! -Well, I think so anyways.........

OK, so when I saw this picture, I just CRACKED UP! I have NO idea what he saw, THOUGHT he saw or heard or what but the look on his face just made me chuckle!
Ya know, as I was looking at this picture I was reminded of another picture where Samuel has this SAME look on his face! I'm pretty sure I don't have it saved to the other computer but if I can get it scanned I may just post it. The only difference is he was 1-1 1/2 sitting naked in a little wading pool we had. How FUNNY is that!

Alright, alright..................

So, this is the last one of Sammo.....

Mittens (Nikki's cat) just HAD to get in on the 'going's on'...silly kitty!!

No pictures of Nikki! :(

I don't know WHERE she was, for heaven's sake, I don't even know WHEN I took these pictures, my guess is she wasn't home.....AHH!! She was at Vanessa's and didn't get home until it was too dark. I hope I get a chance to get some pictures of HER at the tree....Maybe Monday-we'll see.

Of COURSE I'll post a few of HER too if I can get her to take some.

I'll post that picture of the card I was working on in a bit..........

Until then, Tata!


Courtney Fowler said...

Those are great pictures! I had to snort when I saw the "is that a bug" picture! Too cute! That would sooo be my face if I thought there was a bug!

My name is Stacey said...

Is that TOO funny or what!!
Thanks for visiting!!