Saturday, November 17, 2007

tickled pink

I picked up my TAC (The Angel Company) order from Katrina! Of course I had to cut all my new stamp sets down so I could use them BUT I have managed to get one card DONE...a few more are part way done...I'll post when they're complete.

But, for now, here is this one:

Is she just too much or what!?!!
I just noticed (from the picture) my bottom little 'bling' rhinestone was crooked. YIKES! Luckily it wasn't dried completely and I was able to straighten it out!
I'm not so happy about my pink cardstock not matching perfectly so I guess I'll either have to keep my eyes out for a darker hot pink OR just color her in with a different color next time.
I used colored pencils and OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits) to color this beauty in and then went over her boa, hat and heels with crystal Stickles (LOVE that stuff!!) The paper is just stuff I have had forever. I don't even know where it originally came from--probably paper stacks or something.
Alright, off to work on something else before it's time for bed!! Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to studying--after church of course.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend........

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